Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hello haters !

Assalamualaikum & hey gals & guys ! :D

Im back after missing in action for about more than one week :) 
But now,Im feeling like typing  something I felt for the last few days...
I was abase & condemn just because of my achievement :'( 
I just don't get it,why do they jealous of others people's accomplishment?
There is no reason for them to be feel jealous or whatever because I don't feel Im brainy or good enough and I don't have any debt with them.
Im just trying to be a better me but abjectly,my ability was condemn by this certain peoples or should I say DESTITUTE!They abet with each other & abase me for almost everyday.
They trying to mess with me but they don't know who I am yet.
I can burst anytime & fire them!

Hey haters,Im sick & abhorred of yours abomination & haughtiness!Don't mess with me cuz Im IMPENETRABLE!